Rebecca Minkoff spring/summer 2013

Rebecca Minkoff spring/summer 2013 collection reflects perfectly my idea of  holiday and relax these seasons make me think about.
Fresh fabrics and light colours are the true leaders of this runway.
The first outfit I've chosen makes me wonder about a travel to a Greek island lost in the Mediterranean Sea. The white colour and the wide shape are perfect under the strong sun that shines above those territories, lands covered by little and, obviously, white. 

Another important item for these seasons is the shirt, a blouse declined in many different ways. The best one? This short and embroidered dress, perfect with a little bag like this one.   

At the end, my favourite look. It's completea and it seems easy: a sweatshirt and some lace are enough! Sporty-chic style is perfect for summer in the cities: you'd never feel wrong and out of place, this way. City doesn't mean seaside and Rebecca Minkoff knows it!


PS: have you noticed make up and hair?? Simply perfect! When it's hot, in fact, a face covered by make up is totally out of place. Less is more. What's simple is the best. So don't forget to set your hair free, wearing your beautiful smile and go out. But remember that everything is funnier with a light or a shocking nail colur.

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