Staying warm in the mountains...

These days, it's very cold here in northern Italy. This week will be the coldest of all the winter season!! The must-do is: cover up and stay warm! 
In these photos, I'm in the mountains, precisely in Bardonecchia, where I pass almost all my weekends, and I think  the look i've chosen is quite appropriate for the place and the weather.
A thick knitted sweater, a light and soft duvet jacket and a fur and leather bag are the absolute protagonists of the outfit.
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Sweater: Mango
Camouflage Scarf: Colmar
Jeans: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply
Fur Bag: Catherine Parra
Camouflage Duvet Coat: Colmar
Shoes: Panchic
Earrings: vintage
Watch: Rolex

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